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Useful links and juridical templates in order to facilitate local entrepreneurship in Brussels

ASBL Starter Kit

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Start my activity as a non profit organization like a professional: legal constitution + IDentity package

IT Turbo

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Showcase site or E-Commerce site, digital analysis and Strategical SEO and SEM plan, software engineering, Identity Package

ASBL Maintenance


I would like to receive information regarding the legal constitution or modification of the statutes of my non profit organization

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Who we are

Adrien Laroche

Lawyer and E-marketing, 6 years of business experience.

Benjamin Marguerite

Software Engineer, 7 years of business experience.

Quentin Mignon

Specialist in Communication & Marketing, 5 years of business Experience.

Quentin Laroche

Student, Quentin makes the link with the expectations of the young generation.

Haïkel Kekli

Process and project manager, 6 years of business experience.

Edouard Colassin

Graphic Designer, 2 years of business experience.

Pierre O'neill

Finance & Accounting, 5 years of business experience.

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